Creative Online Screen Printing for the Novice

Even if you are still going to be the customer, creating your own designs is still encouraged by your creative designer and technician. Screen Printing as a commercial craft widely used on numerous surfaces is a good example to outline this collaborative and rewarding process for you. The advances in software technologies have come along in leaps and bounds in the last few years. This has made it possible for such remote collaborations to take place.

By collaboration is meant that you, as both customer and creative thinker, will be working in tandem with your expert designer and software technician. The process is potentially more rewarding for you than would have been the case if you, as a customer, simply delegated all the work to your design team. In the collaborative sense, your tech savvy team is obliged to consult with you, the customer, at appropriate intervals until such time as the whole process of screen print design and production has been completed and arrives at the finished article, just as you projected.

You are offered by your designer key studio features to choose from. If all this seems foreign to you, do not worry, your design assistant will help you through the process of choosing from these features and aligning them knowledgeably with your commercial enterprise. The design assistant and the rest of team of creatives and technicians work behind the scenes while an online designer allows you to utilize its production ready graphics.

Screen Printing

One you have made a choice on design and production style, you can arrange for your resultant artwork to be uploaded. Once all decisions have reached finality, a production team is set to work to produce the finished article.